Welcome to e-news

This is the website for the PAGB e-news publication.

The main PAGB Website can be found HERE

e-news will keep you bang up to date with all PAGB events, competitions and results.
Addresses will be retained confidentially and securely and e-mails will be sent individually.  Your address will never be made available to any commercial organisation, nor will it be used for any other purpose than sending e-news and related supplements.

e-news is not published to a fixed schedule but is issued as and when there is sufficient
material. There are some periods when it is quite frequent and other times when not much is happening. Every time you receive e-news you will be given the option to unsubscribe. Obviously we hope that you will enjoy the newsletter and that you will stick with us. We would encourage you to invite interested people to register to get their own copies. We are happy to add all of your clubs and all of your club members!

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